A Phase I Habitat Survey is a common element of an ecological survey and categorises Irish habitats.  Habitats are identified and classified according to Fossitt (2000) and Smith et al. (2011). A Special Area of Conservation (SAC) link to the AA section and delete this) may have habitats which are listed on Annex I Habitats on the Habitats Directive. Annex I lists 233 European natural habitat types, including 71 priority (i.e. habitat types in danger of disappearance and whose natural range mainly falls within the territory of the European Union).

At Ash Ecology and Environmental we regularly carry out habitat assessments as part of our reporting system and ensure a site visit is factored in.

If your project requires a Habitat Assessment please contact us now.

An example of a Habitat Map taken from Smith et al. (2011) is shown below.

habitat survey