Ash Ecology & Environmental Ltd

With nationwide coverage, Ash Ecology is currently involved in various projects across Cork, Limerick, Clare, Waterford, Tipperary and Galway. If you need an Ecologist for your project, contact info@ashecology today to discuss your requirements.



Ash Ecology Specialises in Stage 1 Appropriate Asseessment and Stage 2 Natura Impact Statements for Planning Applications


Bat Surveys

Using the latest Bat Software Technology and Sonogram Spectral Analysis, Ash Ecology can provide comprehensive Bat Surveys and Reports.


Proud Supporter

Ash Ecology proudly supports the All Ireland Pollinator Plan

Efficiency with Competitive Quotations

Hi, welcome to Ash Ecology and Environmental. We specialise and undertake ecological assessments for all sorts of developments that require planning permission, such as one-off houses, larger housing developments, glamping sites, watermain rehabilitation and ecological monotoring, EPA licenced facilities. We specialise in Ecology Services such as Stage I Screening for Appropriate Assessment and Stage II Natura Impact Statement which are often asked in Planning Applications as a Further Information Request (FRI), you can learn more about why these surveys are asked for here. We also carry out specialist protected species surveys such as Bat Surveys, Bird Surveys and Habitat Surveys. See above for more information on these services.